Hewlett-Packard Company is among the top-most companies known for manufacturing an excellent quality of electronic products. The printers provided by the HP company is remarkable that holds the attention of many people. There are many types of HP printers wherein HP Deskjet 2600 is one of the amazing printers that has become the first choice of many customers. To know more information about the HP printers, then you must visit 123.hp.com. The guiding steps provided by the experts will surely provide you complete satisfaction. For 123.hp.com 2600 Printer Set up wireless UK, you can contact the professionals. 

HP DeskJet 2600 Printers are known for offering remarkable advantages to the customers. If you want to set up the printer then visit the 123.hp.com/setup/2600 website. You will get the complete guidance related to HP DeskJet Printer. For printer setup, remove all packaging materials from it. Moreover, it is necessary to download the compatible and latest version of the Printer Drivers. 

Steps to set up the HP DeskJet 2600 Printers

  • The first step is to remove the HP printer from the box. It is important to remove all the tape, stickers, or other packing materials from the printer.
  • Now connect the power cord i.e. plug the HP printer into the Power Source to turn on the Printer. Turn on the power button on the printer.
  • Install the HP ink cartridges. Be careful while handling the ink cartridges. Hold it by its sides with the contacts toward the HP printer. 
  • After the successful installation of the ink cartridge, now you have to load the paper into the input tray. 
  • After setting up the hardware, you have to install the HP printer software. Download the latest version of the printing software from the official website of the HP. 

Connect HP Deskjet 2600 to WiFi

Here are the instructions which helps you to connect the HP Deskjet 2600 to WiFi. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. 

Steps to Connect HP Deskjet 2600 to WiFi

Minimum installation Requirements
  • Turn on your computer, router and set up the printer.
  • Your computer must be connected to the wireless network.
  • Make sure that your computer is perfectly connected to the same wireless network to which the HP printer is connected.
Install the HP printer software
  • You can start the software installation, and then download & install the latest version of the HP printer drivers. 
  • Now disconnect the USB cables from the HP printer.
  • Go to the 123.hp.com/setup/2600, and then click on Download to download and run HP Easy Start.
  • Follow the guidelines to connect your HP Printer with the available WiFi Network. Click the Continue button, and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup process.

If you want information related to HP Deskjet 2600 Setup, visit the official website of the HP. You should download the latest version of the HP printer drivers. Get a one-stop solution from us right away.