Printing the documents downstairs while your printer is upstairs making a good difference in your home because you do not need to connect the scanner or printer physically to print the documents. By using wireless technology, you can add printers and scanners and print or scan the documents from any corner in your home. You do not need to deal with the tangled wires or no need to physically connect the printer to the computer for printing the documents as you can add printers and scanners wirelessly for executing the printing tasks.

Here are the steps to follow to add a printer or scanner to your device: 


  • Connect the MAC device to the printer and scanner by using the USB cable for using the setup assistant. Install the software for the configuration of the printer and scanner on the wireless network and also make sure that your wireless network is properly configured. 
  • Open the ‘Setup Assistant’ software and select the ‘Wireless Network’. If the password of your wifi network is protected, you will be prompted to enter the network password. 
  • Disconnect the cable from MAC and printer & scanner. After that, click on the ‘System Preferences’ option to view the ‘Personal’, ‘hardware’. ‘Internet and wireless’, and ‘system’. 
  • Click on the ‘Print and Fax’ option present under the ‘Hardware to and populate the printer settings. One thing you have to make sure that you are connected to the wifi network and your device is turned on. 
  •  Click on the ‘+’ option to add  scanner or printer and check the box ‘Share the printer on the network’. 

 For Windows OS

  • Install the software for the configuration of a printer and scanner to the wifi network. If your computer is unable to recognize the software, connect your ‘Printer and Scanner’ to the PC using the USB cable to assist with the process of installation. 
  • Click on the Start option. If you are using the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, click on the ‘Windows Flag’ and choose ‘Control Panel’. 
  • Click on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option and under the ‘Printers’ section, choose ‘Add a printer’ option. This will allow a user to add printer or scanner and printer to the wifi network. 
  • Choose an option ‘Add Wireless, Network or Bluetooth’ printer. This will scan the wireless scanner or printer. Make sure that you are properly connected to the wireless network. Also, the scanner and printer are turned on. 
  • Choose your printer and scanner you wish to install and tap to Next for the installation. 

 This is how you can add printers and scanners on your computer without any hassle. Just follow the guidelines carefully to complete the process instantly.