Amazon Fire Stick Setup instructionsThe entertainment taste of users is rapidly changing worldwide with the introduction of online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. The brand new entry to the Online Video streaming segment is Amazon Fire Stick. The Firestick is an exclusive addition to the Amazon family offering amazing entertainment services like Netflix, Hotstar, Gana and a lot more. A user just needs to follow the Amazon Fire Stick Setup instructions and complete the setup, after that they can enjoy the unlimited entertainment. Not familiar with the Firestick setup process? Well! We are here to help you. In this guide, we are going to share the simple Amazon Fire Stick Setup instructions that can help you to complete the setup process without any hassle. 

How to install Amazon Firestick

Following are the prerequisites to set up the Amazon Firestick TV: 

A compatible TV

This is the foremost requirement for the Firestick setup. You will need at least HDTV with an HDMI port for using the Firestick.

Internet Connection

The Amazon Firestick does not support internet connectivity of its own. You have to connect the Firestick to a stable and strong network for streaming high definition content. 

Amazon Account

Register the Firestick to your Amazon account. If you have ordered you Firestick from Amazon, it will come pre-registered. If you want, you can change it anytime.

How to Setup Firestick?

Following are the Amazon Fire Stick Setup instructions you need to follow to set up your Fire TV: 

  • Plugin the USB cable to Firestick TV. The other end must be inserted into the power adapter and then power outlet. 
  • Find the HDMI port on your TV and plug in the Firestick into it.

Note: “ extend the HDMI reach if you’ve got a particularly tricky TVwith the cable that is included”. 

  • Turn on the TV and switch the input to the right HDMI port. 
  • You have to pair the remote for interacting with Firestick. Insert the batteries in the remote and the device must pair automatically. 
  • Download and use ‘Amazon Fire TV remote; application on your smartphone if the app fails. 
  • Set up your wireless connection. The WIFI connection must be detected automatically by the Firestick TV.
  • Select the network and enter the password. 
  • The Fire Tv will check for the available updates. Lets the updates get downloaded. 
  • Log in and set up the account. You just need the Amazon account username and password to log in. 
  • After finishing the setup by following Amazon Fire Stick Setup instructions, the introduction of Firestick will be displayed. You cannot skip this introduction because these instructions will help you to know how to make the best use of Firestick features and what system can do.

So, these are some simple Amazon Fire Stick Setup instructions that can help you to complete the setup without any hassle. Before you use the Firestick, you can also set up the Parental Control settings. If you have a doubt or you want more details, you can contact the Firestick experts and take their help to troubleshoot the problem.