If you want to connect the Canon printer to the wireless network then you must go for the ij.start.canon setup. While the network printer remains connected, a user can print the documents from their remote devices such as a tablet, remote, smartphones, and other supported devices without using any USB cable. In this guide, we are going to discuss simple steps that can help you to complete the ij.start.canon setup and start printing the documents wirelessly.

However, before you proceed with the canon ij setup and start printing the documents wirelessly, you need to consider the following requirements for the printer setup: 

  •  The user must have an access point ( it is well known as wifi, hub or router) having the network connectivity. Make sure that all the access points are properly functioning before you start with the connection process. 
  •  For the canon setup, a user must have the computing device like MAC, Tablet, Computer, and Smartphone. Or in other words, you can say that your device must be connected to the network. To check and make sure that your system is having internet access, use a web browser and visit the website Http //ij.start.canon. If you are unable to visit the website then you must check the internet because your device might not be connected to the network due to which the problems occur. 

So, consider these requirements very carefully for the printer setup and proceed with the next steps. 

How to set up your Canon printer to the wireless network or complete the canon ij setup?

After meeting all the aforementioned requirements, you can proceed with the process of canon ij setup and connect your Canon printer wirelessly to the PC or other devices. Here are the steps you need to follow for this: 

  • Some access points ( like the hubs or routers) features an automatic button for the connection labeled as ‘WPS’ which is also abbreviated as the WiFi Protected Setup. 
  •  This allows the permitted devices like your Canon printer to get connected to the network without entering any password and it also enables easy and quick methods to connect the different devices. 
  •  The method follows an easy way to connect the Canon printer so if the access point supports the WPS button then choose the ‘WPS Connection Method’ tab and follow the instructions to connect the printer using this method. 
  • If your router is not supporting the WPS connection then you can use the ‘Standard Connection method’ as an alternative to connect the printer. 

To get further information for setting up the canon printer, you can visit the ij.start.canon setup website anytime you want and complete the process. All the guidelines are very simple and easy to follow. Just make sure that you do not miss any step in the setup process otherwise, it will create hassles for you while trying to print the documents wirelessly. So, follow the guidelines carefully and complete the setup without any trouble.