There are different tools offers by Windows 10 to create a different file. And Of course, a user needs to take the printout of those documents from time to time. For printing the document, a user needs to Install Printer on their device. Windows supports the new settings for the printer setup. Although, a user can still use the previous Control Panel tools to install printer. For this, a user needs to understand the entire process of setting up the printer on Windows 10.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the simple process to Install Printer In Windows 10. Once you install the printer, the Windows 10 most likely to download and install the necessary printer drivers on the device. For the driver download, you can simply visit the printer manufacturer website and complete the process. 

Install The Printer In Windows 10

Install the Local printer – Here are the steps to follow:
  •  Connect your printer to the computer by using the USB cable. 
  • From the Start menu, click on the Settings icon. 
  • Now, click on the Devices. 
  •  Here, you need to choose the Printers and Scanner option present on the left side panel. 
  • Click to add a printer. 
  •  In case you are unable to find the printer name, then click on ‘The Printer I want is not listed’ and let the Windows 10 fix this problem by finding the printer and setting it up. 
  • You may require to download the printer drivers and install them on your device. 

So, follow these guidelines to install the printer in windows 10. These steps will help you to install the local printer. If you want wireless printer installation on your device, follow the guidelines mentioned below: 

  • Turn on your computer and a wireless printer. 
  • From the printer screen, enter ‘Wireless LAN Settings’. 
  • Choose your Wireless network from the list of networks, 
  • Click on your network, enter the password to get connected. Your printer will instantly display in the ‘Printer and Scanner’ section. You can go to this section through the settings. 

 Want to Discover the older printer? Follow these steps:

  • Choose your Shared printer. 
  • Add your printer by using the Hostname or TCP/IP address. 
  • After that, add a Wireless, Network or Bluetooth discoverable printer, 
  • Now, add a printer using the manual settings. 
  • Here, according to your printer type, you need to choose an appropriate option. Tap on the Next button and after that follow the on-screen guidelines to install a printer on your device. 

Set Your Default Printer

Windows 10 manages itself which is going to be the default printer as it set the last device as the default printer from which you have a printer the documents. But, if you want to change the settings, you can follow the given steps: 

  • Go to the Settings>>Devices>> Printer and Scanner. 
  • Uncheck the ‘Let the Windows manage the Default Printer’ settings. 
  • To select the default printer, go to the ‘Printer and Scanner’ section. 
  • Click on Manage and after that Set as Default button. 

So, with these simple instructions, you can install the printer in Windows 10 device. All the mentioned guidelines are very simple and easy to execute. But, if you still have a doubt, visit Windows 10 official website for help and get an answer to your query.