Nowadays, connecting a printer to the computer is not a complex task to be accomplished. If we talk about the Windows 10 version, then New Printer Setup is very simple and easy to complete on Windows 10 device. You can go with the simple guidelines and complete the setup hassle-free. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions with you which will help you in completing the New Printer Setup on your Windows 10 device.

Set Up printer to the computer in windows 10

For most of the users, printer setup is not a tough task because most of the new printer models support auto detection and printer identification. When these things work, it hardly takes two or three minutes to Set Up printer to the computer in windows 10. Always starts with the basic and make sure that your Windows 10 device and computer is powered on. After that, you can simply start with activating wireless capabilities. Most of the printers support the LED which lights up when the device is looking for the connection or connected to the wireless network.

Once you have successfully connected your printer to the wireless network, you can head over to your Windows 10 device to install a new printer and follow the below-provided instructions:

  • On your Windows 10 device, go to the ‘Start’ menu and choose the ‘Settings’ option. After that, you have to find the logo labeled as ‘Device’. Click on it. 
  •  The ‘Devices’ option will direct you to the menu having the drop-down list through which you can handle the various system accessories. There you can find the ‘Printers and Scanners’ option. You have to click that option. 
  •  In the ‘Printers and Scanners’ section, you have to find an option mentioned as ‘Add Printer or Scanner’ to install a new printer. When you choose this option, your Windows 10 device will start searching for the printers and scanners which are connected to your wireless network. 
  • Once you are done with the search, Windows 10 will display a result list of all the available printers. Double-check the printer name and its model number. If it is important, then choose your printer from the list. 
  • Your Windows 10 device will prompt you certain instructions that you need to follow to set up your printer. After finishing the process, you can print the test page to see whether the printer is working fine or not.

However, you may have a question that what if I do not have a wireless printer? Well, you can still complete the New Printer Setup by finding the right cable connection to connect your printer with Windows 10 computer. Connect it and wait for a while. The Windows 10 device will connect your new printer automatically, get you all set for printing the test page and make the best use of it.

Install New Printer

Everything is very easy to do for the New Printer Setup. But, sometimes the technical default runs the user into trouble and there could be so many possible reasons behind that. In that scenario, it is highly recommended to contact the experts and seek their assistance to fix the problem. The experts will share the best advice with you and help you to complete setup without any trouble.