‘My Printer Offline, What to do?’, this is a very common query that comes from the side of the user while using the printing services. It does not matter which brand your printer belongs, the printer offline error can occur anytime and create hurdles in the printing process. Printers work offline when they are unable to communicate with the computer. Bringing a printer online means a user can print the documents without any trouble. In this guide, we are going to resolve ‘Printer offline, what to do’ query with common fixtures. Read the guidelines carefully to bring your printer back online and continue with the printing tasks.

My Printer is Offline, how to bring it back to the online stage?

If you want to change printer status to online, a network connection is important. In some cases, hardline Ethernet Connection to the internet is used, but many printing devices also support the wireless connection for printing. The printer setup for the single computer is pretty simple, but a secure and encrypted network requires more effort to bring the device online. 

Connecting the Wireless Network

 Are you trying to print the document but nothing happens? First of all, check the printer connection. Your printer must be connected to the same wireless network to which your computer is connected. Otherwise, the print task you have created will not get the printer or it will send the request to some other printer connected on a network. Every printer has a simple menu, where the user can access the wireless network. To change printer status to online, make sure it is connected to the right network. Go back to your system and see if the printer is available or not. Click on a print for printing the documents, choose the printer, and execute the task.

Connecting through the Ethernet

As the Ethernet connection is similar to the wireless connection, so you can simply bring the printer online by connecting it to the network, this will help you to change printer status to online . For this, you just need to plug in the Hardline cord to internet port and it will be online. If you are using the network without a firewall, click on the ‘Print’ button to print the documents and choose your printer. If your printer is not approved as you have a firewall, then install the printer on the network by entering the network key and passcode. 

Did you correctly install the printer?

If you bring the printer and it still does not print the document, then check the printer drivers. Your printer drivers must be properly installed on the device because they are responsible to communicate with the computer. 

Other Troubleshooting steps you can consider to fix Printer Offline Error:

  • Check the printer to make sure that it is turned on and connected to a similar wireless network as your computer. 
  • Run the Printer Power Cycle. 
  • Set the printer as your default printer. 
  • Clean the print queue. 
  • Reset the service which manages the print queue. 
  • Remove the printer and re-add it. 
  • Restart the computer.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting steps will  fix your ‘my printer offline’ problem. But, if the problem is still there, you can just visit your printer manufacturer website for help and resolve your query.