A valid Norton subscription assures that the security is not outdated and up to the mark. One must activate or Renew Norton With Product Key before the subscription or trial period ends. Otherwise, Norton users would not be able to continue using the Norton services to keep their system secure and protected. In this guide, we are going to discuss the simple step that will help you to activate or Renew Norton With Product Key so that you can continue to use the Norton services.

If you have purchased the Norton Subscription from the Norton service provider or online store, then the activation process will automatically take place when you complete the downloading and installation of antivirus by signing into the account. However, if the activation process fails because of any trouble, or you are unable to complete it at the time of installation, you can just follow the instructions below to activate or renew Norton With Product key. These instructions can also help you in the case if you have purchased the Norton from other means. 

How can I activate my Norton product key?

Before you start with the process, make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. If you want, you can use the ‘Norton Automatic Renewal Service’ to get the uninterrupted protection. 

Select any of the following ways for Norton Enter Product Key Renewal process: 

Activate or Renew Norton by purchasing the subscription

  • If you do an upgrade purchase at the time of product activation or renewal, then you have to install the Norton software on all the devices that require protection ( It will depend upon the devices you can license). You can do this right after the buy or by Norton account sign in. 
  • Click ‘Norton’. 
  • In ‘My Norton’ window, click the ‘Open’. 
  • From Norton’s main window, click ‘Activate’ or ‘Renew’ option. 
  • If you see the ‘Subscription’ window, click to ‘Buy a Subscription’. 
  • On the renewal page or Norton products, review the purchase and after that click on ‘Subscribe Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ option. 
  • When prompt, sign in by using your account credentials. 
  • Provide the billing details and place the order. Make sure to review your product before you pay any amount. 
  • After the purchase, the subscription will be activated and that will renew Norton automatically. The remaining days of the present subscription will be added to your new subscription. For example – if the remaining days are 15 then at renewal, you will get 380 days. 

Activate or Renew Norton With Product Key

  • Click ‘Norton’. 
  • When you see ‘My Norton’ window, present next to the ‘Device Security’, tap on ‘Open’. 
  • Perform any of the following steps: 
    • To activate or renew Norton with Product Key, click on the ‘Activate Now’ option present in the main window. 
    • To renew the Norton subscription, click on ‘Help’ in Norton’s main men. After that, in ‘Account information, click on ‘Enter Product Key’. 
    • Here, you need to enter the renewal code or product key that you got from the Norton. 
    • Click on the Next and follow the onscreen guidelines to complete the process.

This way, you can renew Norton With Product Key without any hassle. All the mentioned instructions are very simple and easy to execute. Just make sure that you do not miss any when otherwise you won’t be able to renew Norton with the product key. If you need expert assistance, you can contact the Norton professionals and take their advice.