Amazon Echo Dot device arrives with incredible features and very popular among the customers. This voice-enabled smart device lets the users perform a series of tasks like setup, play games, listen to audio, watch series, control smart home devices and a lot more. Many users come across the technical concerns while using the device, users can overcome those problems if they reset Echo Dot Device. Reset helps to tackle any situation. For example, your device is not responding, or you want to give it to someone else and many others. Your way to reset Echo Dot depends upon the generation of your device. If you want to sell the Amazon Echo Dot device, you need to register the device from your Amazon account.

In this guide, we are sharing some simple instructions that can help you to reset Echo Dot device. Make sure that you follow the guidelines just like they are mentioned to avoid the mistakes in the process.

Steps for First Generation Amazon Echo Dot Reset

  •  Turn on your Echo Dot device and then connect all the necessary cables. Make sure that you use good quality cables and carefully connect the cable in the required slot. 
  • Connect your Echo dot to the network and then power outlet before you start using the device. 
  • Search the Reset button present on the backside of your Echo Dot device, press that button and hold it for a few seconds. The Echo Dot device will reset now.
1st Gen echo dot

Steps for Second Generation Amazon Echo Dot Reset

If you are using the Amazon Echo Dot second generation then follow these guidelines to reset the device:

  • Turn on the device and connect all the cables to the respective slot. 
  • Press and hold the volume button and microphone button at the same time to reset the device. 
  • Choose reset option for Amazon Echo Dot reset.

Alternate Method to Reset Echo Dot

You can also reset Echo Dot using the Alexa app. All you need is to navigate to the setting on the application. Once the device is the connection to the network, search for the setting reset the device. After selecting the settings, select the name of your device. In about section, you can check whether the device is registered, choose ‘Deregister’ option to deregister the device. Click on the action button to reset Echo Dot.

Now, you can start with the new setup.

Steps for Third Generation Amazon Echo Dot Reset

If you are using the Echo Dot Third generation device, complete the initial setup and then press and hold the action button for a few seconds. Now, wait until your device resets automatically.

When you reset Echo Dot device, it fixes your most of the issues right away, so complete the reset process and troubleshoot the errors. In case you are unable to complete the device reset, you can just contact the experts and seek their advice to troubleshoot the errors. The experts will share the best advice and also guide you to reset Echo Dot without any hassle.

3rd Gen echo dot