Are you struggling to configure the router? Well! You can do it simply by visiting the Router Configuration Page where you can complete this process without any hassle. The standard IP Address used for the router configuration is After purchasing the router, you need to configure it for broadcasting the Wireless signals from the modem or data cable. In case your router does not have any specified procedure of the configuration, you can simply go to the Router Configuration Page to complete the process. Using the IP Address- is another best alternative to complete the configuration.

Using the IP Address for Router configuration is a very simple and straight process. Below, we are sharing the step by step instructions that users can follow for configuring the router:

  • Connect your PC to one of the LAN Ports of your router. 
  • Connect the data cable to your router using the WAN Port. 
  • Plugin your router to a power outlet.
  • Open any web browser on your computer for router settings and type the IP Address – Hit the enter button.
  • The browser will display the login page for the router’s control panel.
  •  The layout of your control panel will be depending upon the router brand you have.
  • Login to your router. Use ‘Admin’ as the username and ‘Password’ as the password.
  • After the successful login, click on the ‘Advanced’ option and go to the setup. The exact label can be different from the router’s brand.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ option and tap to the Next.
  • The device will take a few minutes for configuring the router settings and after that, it will display the congratulations message on your screen.
  • Tap on OK once you are done.

As we have mentioned above the exact layout of the setup panel will be depending upon your router brand. If you hit any snags, we recommend you to seek the expert help to fix the problem.

 You can also use the router panel to make the other router settings. The panel is labeled with the different settings which can be very helpful in setting up your router as per the preference. The overall process to use the IP address is quite simple. If you have technical knowledge then you hire the tech expert for router configuration.

Once you visit the Router Configuration Page and complete the configuration, you can enjoy the uninterrupted network connection. With time, the router manufacturers release the router firmware update. The update is very important to maintain the best performance of the router, improve security and fix technical defaults. In most of the routers, the firmware updates automatically, but few of them require manual efforts. You can visit your manufacturer website and get to know about the firmware update process.

That’s it! Now, follow the aforementioned guidelines to configure the router settings and make the best use of network connection. Make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully to avoid the troubles.